“Bloom where you’re planted”

About Floret Hill

Life seems to delight in reminding us that we will never have total control. No sooner do we settle in and get comfortable, than another curve ball comes flying in to test our reflexes.

It was one of those not-so-subtle life messages that forced me to reassess everything that matters, and quite literally planted the seed for Floret Hill.

My love of flowers is linked to some of my earliest and fondest memories. My grandmother worked professionally as a florist in her early twenties, although funnily enough I only discovered that many years later. Much more was Granny known for her wild and beautiful cottage garden. As a girl I remember walking the winding pathways, through her pansies, dahlias, camellias, jonquils and roses. As we walked she passed on her deep knowledge, and even deeper joy.

Cynthia - Floret Hill

In 2016, in the midst of a wonderful career in HR, raising two beautiful children, and maintaining a lovely hectic lifestyle, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.

When those curve balls come, you can either catch them, or they knock you out. Truthfully, it can sometimes feel a bit of both.

Certainly, it gives you the chance to slow down and revisit the pathways that brought you the most joy. At the wonderful Bloom College I was able to formalise this new beginning with an intensive course in floristry, and I haven’t looked back.

Flowers provided the therapy, the joy, the creativity and the passion that I craved, and have given me moments of connection and gratitude I could have never imagined.

Through Floret Hill I hope to share this love in some small way. To help smooth the waves of life, celebrate the joys and create the beauty each one of us deserve.

If I can be of help on your journey, please reach out,